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Baking for the weekend

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Baking for the weekend

I baked several loaves in anticipation of the holiday weekend.  These are all from published sources, so no recipes, but wanted to share the photos anyway.  Happy holidays to all and happy baking.


Sourdough walnut from Reinhart's BBA (his basic SD recipe with addition of toasted walnuts).


PiP's Hybrid Ciabatta that I modified slightly to use a biga instead of starter. I need some practice shaping, but it is relatively easy ciabatta dough (relative is the operative word) to work with.


Sunflower Seed Coronne, also from BBA with the addition of a "string of pearls" gleaned from "Baking with Julia." There was also enough dough left to make a small pan loaf.


Lastly, Semolina bread with soaker and fennel seeds from Hamelman's "Bread."