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Fagottini d'Albicocca(Jam Pockets)

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Fagottini d'Albicocca(Jam Pockets)

Today, I baked one of my favorite cookies, Fagottini d'Albicocca, jam pockets with apricot jam in them.  The dough for the cookies is a delicate pasta frolla with lemon and vanilla extracts.  The recipe is from Franco Galli's cookbook - The Il Fornaio Baking Book, lots of good Italian recipes here. 

This particular recipe reminds me of the cookies my Aunt Annie made.  She would always have homemade cookies in her pantry.  When you visited,  a plate of them was placed on the table along with cups of hot coffee and small glasses of Uncle Tony's homemade wine that he brought up from the cellar.  Those were simple and wonderful times.