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my latest happenings.

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my latest happenings.

I started my first ever sourdough starter last night. So tonights feeding is feeding 2...24 hours after it began.

Here is where it is up to now. No sign of anything happening yet but I know it can take up to a week, so my fingers are crossed.


I also made the buttermilk cluster today with wholemeal wheat and wholeleal spelt flour.

Yummo! I am eating it as I write!


I also made my own version using rustic bread as a base and adding cornmeal, oats, semolina, and spelt flour.

It was dense and filling, but tasty. :)

Look at that slashing! and with a terrible serrated steak knife and all!


I also found a good site to buy Lames and Bannetons in Australia

it is


I am happy about my progress and cannot wait to be maybe baking sourdough in about a fortnights time!









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I think I have to throw half away tomorrow. but I dont know. do I have to?

I think it is a bit of a waste but I suppose it has something to do with feeding the yeast or something? I already halved the specified amount of flour so that I a not wasting as much flour. :S Its a 100% rye starter also. :)


I am so excited. I love sourdough bread. it just tastes amazing. I am tired of paying through the nose just for 1 loaf when I can pay much less and make as many as I want!

hhhmmm the starter smells like wet rye flour (lol) and a little tangy and a little yeasty.

I dunno what that means.....lets see what tomorrow brings :)


off to bed for me



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Mini Oven

throw it away, I would simply use it like a poolish adding flour and water to match a recipe.  If you have a scales and used 1:1 then it's easy.  Makes good flavoring.  --Mini Oven

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And we have lift off!

Rose this morning, looked at my starter and it is bubbling :)  I know it is just the bacteria at this stage, so I really cant wait to see how it will look on day 7 and 8 :) I might even bake something with some of my starter then and keep thest to ferment on the bench for another week.



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     Here I was felling all cozy about my hamburger bun experiment this week from recipes from all of you, I have a biga going for the BBA potato rosemary bread ( gotta do something with all that rosemary, dang stuff won't quit!) and all these blogs and pics of the sourdough is getting me restless. My first love of homemade bread was of my gulp ex- mother in law, who used to get up at all hours of the night fooling with dough. At the time I thought she was nuts! Ah, youth! She made the best sourdough bread, and to this day, that is the taste and smell I think of when I think of when I think of homemade bread. OK. That rips it. I'm getting my book back out! Well, the starter has to work off, and it will be next week before it will be ready to go, and by then the buns will be gone and the potato bread will be eaten, I'll need something to do LATER, SO......