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Waring WSM7Q mixer

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Waring WSM7Q mixer

 I ran across a slightly used 2 months old Waring WSM7Q mixer for reasonable price, any opinions on this mixer before I make the decision, is factory warranty good, how do the heads hold up are the gears metal. are they a more durable mixer vs the Kitchen aid pro 600 series, was ready to make the purchase on a Bosch Universal plus till I saw this today


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Is this yet another rebadging of one of the Chinese-made mixers?  It looks like it.  Waring is still making their blenders for the most part over here.  I wouldn't own a Chinese mixer, who knows about support in the future.  Look at what's happened with KA quality when they sent their mixer manufacturing to China.  Those sweatshops over there aren't known for craftmanship.