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Schmaltz and salt poppy seeds and sesame....

I actually followed the recipe on the Smitten Kitchen site...Bialys are a treat for me. But one crucial item is the Schmaltz. I use it in many items that I prepare from soup to chicken..but you have to use it in cooking the onions to get the right flavor.. the recipe that he has on his site only makes a small six. But it is a great one to start out on.. Get your schmear ready!


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Stuart Borken

I have 6 pints of schmaltz that I rendered myself with a huge amount of onions.  It smells like perfume.  I love it.  I use the onions with the filling for potato knishes and for my chopped liver, which people swoon over.  Now, there is another use for the "golden spread"?  Bialy's?  Please send me the recipe here, I have an e-mail but maybe others of "thefreshloaf" would like to know the recipe too, so you can post it there/here.  However, they must have their cardiologists telephone number at the ready!!!!

Stu Borken  (would you believe I'm an doctor, an internist too?)

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but no Jew would ever use them on a bialy because that would mean the bialys would be considered meat for kashrut purposes, instead of neutral (pareve), which they currently are using vegetable oil.  If you must have schmaltz with your bialys, spread it on afterwards with a sprinkling of salt, but schmaltz in baked goods? Never!


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Thank you for the reminder of the Halachic food laws...but this Jew prepares her Bialy's with schmaltz!