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How do I make my Almond Paste soft and sticky ?

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How do I make my Almond Paste soft and sticky ?

A few years ago I purchased an almond cake in the town where I used to live. The almond paste was deliciously soft and sticky between the flakey layers of pastry.....hmmm ! However when I try this at home - for example in stollen - after baking it is dry and hard.  I bought the almond paste which was quite soft and pliable before baking. Can anyone tell me how I can make almond paste that will be soft after baking ?   Thank you.


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Mini Oven

Almond paste is ground almonds and sugar and often almond extract.  Water will be absorbed by the nuts and partially turn to steam softening the nuts in the paste further when baked.  Work in a teaspoon at a time until you reach your desired softness.   

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Thank you Mini,  I will certainly try adding water. I will also be making my own instead of buying it.

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I use a Jacques Torres recipe, he kneads in a little butter before using.

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Thank you asfolks. I am not familiar with Jacques Torres but will look for the recipe.

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I make my own almond paste to suit my tastes.  It's quite sticky and soft before being baked, after baking it has the texture that you desire I believe.


Recipes - Bread - Almond Paste

454g blanched almonds

454g confectioners' sugar

3 egg whites

1 teaspoon almond extract


Process almonds in a blender/food processor. Thoroughly mix in sugar, beat egg whites slightly, then stir into the almond mixture.

Add almond extract using hands to blend heavy mixture.

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Thank you for the recipe dwcoleman. I guess I keep tweeking things until I get it right!

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A lot of times almond paste is mixed with fondant which makes it more pliable.


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Thanks for the info gerhard - I did not know that.