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The next bread to perfect has potatoes in it

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The next bread to perfect has potatoes in it


Having flipped through Hamelman's “Bread” many, many times since it came into my hands I've always wanted to do the roasted potato bread. But rather I busied myself with other breads. Most notably, the 40% rye. This was mostly because I'd both mixed and eaten the 40% rye before and knew that it was within my abilities and within my tastes as well. Then my focus shifted from the lean doughs to the enriched pain de mie and I spent many a bread excursion dedicated to teasing out the secrets and the nuances that were required to make that bread that I had grown up with from the Chinese bakery. But having seemingly discovered the keys to both the mixing and the shaping of the pain de mie I've discovered it is entirely possible to explore further and so I began the journey down the road of the potato bread.

Firstly, I didn't have any whole wheat flour, so I replaced it with whole rye flour, which I had on hand anyway. Secondly, I added a 30 minute rest period between the incorporation and development phases of the mixing. Other then that, I followed the recipe to the letter.

Next, the results; not bad, I got a pretty decent opening, but found that that was entirely dependent on my scoring. It is essential that I score deep enough, or else there isn't enough allowance for the oven spring. On the other hand, my loaves were a bit flat, its possible that can be remedied with a squatter shape.

For next time, I'll have to tighten up my shaping and score deeper. Also, the potatoes need to be properly incorporated at the end of the mixing.