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Christmas Baking

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Christmas Baking

The families--DNA'ed and extended--loved last year's bread and cookies, so we chose to do it again this year. Pictured is last week's baking. It's not everything but the freezer was chock-a-block, so we're starting shipping today to make more room. We found shipping Priority mail gets fresh or fresh-frozen sourdough--with refresh instructions (375°F oven, 5 mins.)--delivered still palatable and tasty. This year's packages hold a loaf of sourdough or Orange Pecan loaf, a dozen and a half of assorted Biscotti and, of course, a dozen of my rendering of Grandma's Welsh Cakes. This year's Biscotti: Tart Cherry-Pecan, Citron-Macadamia Nut, Almond-Ameretto, and Chocolate-Chocolate chip-Chipotle. Sixteen mailing, and then there is the neighborhood cookie swap, and special friends to gift. We love this time of year!

David G




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thomaschacon (not verified)

Geraint Thomas, a Welsh cyclist, is always talking about Welsh Cakes on twitter. 

It's time I try these famous cakes of Wales.

Do you have a recipe or can you recommend one?


I too have found Priority Mail to be ideal for shipping bread. It usually gets to where it's going in 2 days. 

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thomaschacon (not verified)

They look like mini-pancakes. Sounds easy too.

Thank you.

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Hello David,
That's quite an assortment of tasty-sounding stuff.
You are so kind to share with the *fortunate* people on your gift list!
:^) from breadsong