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danish and breakfast pasteries

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danish and breakfast pasteries

i love to eat danish rings and bear claws and all sorts of other beakfast type pasteries, and i think i am ready to try my hand at making some.  so i was wondering if anyone knew what that thick, dark, almost brown sugar, cinnamon paste in the middle of bear claws and danish rings that you cna buy in a grocery store? or does anyone have a recipe for it, or know the ingredients, or even where i can get information on it? thanks alot everyone.

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Mini Oven

 Well, in Austria, the pastry can be filled with powiedel, a spread made from dried purnes, and a little cinnamon could be in there but not usually.  Although mild, it isn't a big hit with the kids.  They prefer chocolate.  --Mini Oven
Googled prune paste and came up with this:
Have fun!

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They offer a cinnamon sugar mix that I ordered to go in their sinful cinnamon muffins (which I still haven't made...) but instead have used it almost all on their cinnamon knots from their recipes. It is cinnamon-y and gooey and very similar to the cinnamon knots we used to get at our local pizza shop. Give it a try, I don't think you'll be disappointed.