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free forming loaves

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mark d

free forming loaves

Need some help Guys

I am making bread for my restaurant

24 burger buns (got it)

4 free form loaves

after first rise i press the dough out to about 1" and  square it with my dough cutter and divide and round my buns (don't need help for the buns), then i am left with a square that i cut by eye into 4 equal parts, i am not sure how to fold or form the loaves.

is there a Video i can watch??

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What sort of free form loaf loaf did you want to produce?

boule, batard, demi-baguette, baguette, fougasse

The other tip that I would give you is to scale all of your buns/loaves so that they are equal in size/weight.

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mark d

large Torpedo 28-30 oz.

buns are 3 1/2 oz.

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Mini Oven

to taper the ends.  Let it proof seam side down.  Wet and slash before baking.

Video links: