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43% wholemeal 43% white 14% ryemeal sourdough with fetta and walnut

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43% wholemeal 43% white 14% ryemeal sourdough with fetta and walnut

Following on from the single loaf dough that i posted yesterday i am posting todays effort which was slightly bigger than the normal batch (EXTRA 500g ryemeal) which resulted in 10 x 500g loaves and 4 x 750g loaves which made the sharing a lot easier.

Tasters all liked it, i could have used a bit more water as the ryemeal and wholemeal both sucked up some of the moisture during the over night stint in the coolroom.

Unfortunately the feta didnt show up in this cut shot but there was plenty in there.

i still have plenty to use up in the next week or so before we start our christmas break.

it may well have to be the home brew stout with heavy heavy feta use but finely crumbled instead of the big chunks.

I think that in the next couple of weeks  they want all the wholemeal flour used  up too so could be busier than usual.

The Mix

flour 1500g

wholemeal 1500g

ryemeal 500g

salt 65g

sour dough culture 1000g

water 2200g

butter 140g

feta 750g

walnuts 750g

malt extract 100g

and look Andy no added gluten

Mixed in a good spiral mixer,  do three stretch and folds over 3 hours adding the feta and walnuts during the folding process to minimise damage to nuts and cheese pieces . Scale and form allow to relax for 30 minutes shape and place up side down onto couche dusted with sharps (semolina) cover and leave in cool room over night.

 6.30 AM Take out and transfer to trays, wash with cornflour paste, sprinkle with seeds and score, place into hot combi oven with steam for 10 minutes and temp up to 210c,  drop to 200 when steam turned off bake for 35 to 40 minutes cool on wire racks and decide who is going to get a loaf back to my office to start work at 7.45am before most of my work colleagues even roll in.

go back in 1 hour and slice up the loaves left for morning tea.

kind regards Yozza


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Wow.. you look so busy! until the Feta finishes, that is!

Lovely bread, as always Derek, and Seasons greetings!

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Thanks Khalid

Seasons greetings to you and all, yes plenty to do before the christmas closure, i will find out if the crumbled feta overpowers the dough or not.

I have a stout beer to bottle tonight so may try a brewers barm for a wholemeal bake too.

regards Derek 

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Hi Derek,
Bake while you can, my friend...and for free too, I take it?

You seem to be making as much bread as I am, and I assume enjoying it to the same degree too.
Very best wishes

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Yes baking for free and loving it, and not getting told off at home for making a mess to boot.

Usually managing a bake a week, and yes it is always good to see the bread come out and still get a kick out of it too.

kind regards Derek

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Hey Yozza,

No rubber bands mate, good on yer'!



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wow, beauriful batards.. love those walnuts popping out and the toppings. you make it sound so easy. 

:) evon