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My first baguettes

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My first baguettes

Today I made my first baguettes. I have shied away from the intimidating baguette - the shaping, the proofing, the scary, scary slashing! But I have made enough boules, batards, and rolls to gain confidence in my skills. I am quite pleased with my first attempt. Like all things baking, improvement will come with experience and practice. The recipe is from Hamelman's Bread: Baguettes with Pate Fermentee. While the crumb is not as open as it should be, the flavor is delicious and the texture light and airy. Good enough to do a happy dance in the kitchen (with only the cats to appreciate)! Thanks to all the baguette bakers who have posted inspiration.

Happy baking,



Rivermute's picture

Beautiful first try!!! They would definitely be welcome at my table and are light years ahead of my over-proofed flour encrusted first attempt. I pity the people that don't understand or get to feel the joy of successfully taking basic ingredients and almost magically transforming them into something gorgeous and handcrafted. Thanks for sharing. Blessed be the bakers!!!

varda's picture

Love the image.   I admire your courage.   I'm terrified of baguettes.   Great first try.   Yellow crumb is from the light?   -Varda

MarieH's picture

Hi Varda, yes the yellow crumb is from the camera and light. I often get a yellow hue on bread photographed in my kitchen. Maybe I should try another room that does not have florescent lights.