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Sweet mixer deal on Amazon

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Sweet mixer deal on Amazon

I was just poking through some of the Cyber Monday deals and noticed this one that may appeal to someone here: KitchenAid Professional 600 Series 6-Quart Stand Mixer, only $209 after rebate.  It looks like a pretty nice machine and that is a very good price.  Everywhere else I can find it online it goes for around $400.

I'm not sure if this deal is just available today or for the full holiday season.


UPDATE 12 noon PST 11/28/2011: It looks like they either sold out or the deal expired.  I'll post if I see anything like this available again.

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It looks like a good deal, but I've found some rebate plans (especially for some electronic goods) are so labyrinthine, it seems >>this close<< to impossible to get the money back.  Anyone had the same experience with KitchenAid?

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thomaschacon (not verified)

You just have to be patient, follow every single requirement, and keep backup copies of the documentation (in case you have to resend). Also, with this purchase, you have Amazon's A-to-Z guarantee, so the seller has to honor the deal or Amazon will help you. Love Amazon for this.

(This does look like a good deal. Thanks, Floyd. I just wonder if I can live with a KA in my kitchen?)

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As I remember, I was successful with two KA rebates and unsuccessful with the third.  It's so long ago, I can't remember why but it did seem fairly random at the time.  I am a fan of the refurbished stuff from their web site.  I've had good luck so far and the stuff is generally half price.  If you want the straight scoop on something KA, call directly to the store on South Broadway in Greenville, OH ("KitchenAid Experience Center") and talk to the clerks there.  They've tried everything and know how well things work.  We've stopped there a couple times enroute to relatives.

My mixer was a gift of unknown age from a friend's basement so predates China and plastic gear housings so I can't speak to that.  We have, however, gotten the immersion blender, food processor, and toaster -- all quite hardy beasts.  The food processor, like the mixer, weighs a ton.  I would say generally, the design on the small appliances isn't particularly advanced but they stand up to abuse.

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I needed a new smaller mixer, and I jumped at it. So far, I never had a bad experience with mail-in rebates - unless I forgot to mail them.

Thomas, I'm no great fan of KA, either. I hate the whirlstorm messes created by my Artisan Mixer, and I do hope the professional one is more practical. But my 7-qt. Cuisinart doesn't handle smaller amounts, like cookie batter etc. And my trial with the Bosch Universal Plus ended with a (very disappointed) return.


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thomaschacon (not verified)

It comes with a plastic thingy (splash guard?) that covers the bowl so your don't get cake batter all over your kitchen.

It also has a very useful tempered start feature (starts slow then picks up speed), so you have a chance to slow it before it gets airborne. :)


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Thomas, that was what I was hoping for.

My husband just rolled his eyes heavenwards - another mixer......!


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Limited supply, etc. This is Cyber Monday!

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Due to overwhelming demand, this item is currently out of stock. Estimated in-stock date is 12/2/2011. We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for shopping

Limited Time Offer:

Valid for orders placed November 13, 2011 through December 10, 2011. While supplies last.

Online price$299.99
*Less mail-in rebate-$30.00
YOUR COST$269.99

**Please note that this is a manufacturer's $30.00 mail-in rebate and it should not be submitted through the Costco Rebate Center. Rebate is valid for purchases made November 13, 2011 through December 10, 2011 and is subject to its terms and conditions. 



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Yes, that was a sweet deal! It had a $50 rebate plus a refundable two year $24 magazine subscription.

Final cost $185.99... is that a UPS truck that I hear? :)