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Bread Recipe

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Baker Frank

Bread Recipe

Whose bread recipes do you like working from the most?

There are several authors who many of us on this form continually refrence: Peter Reinhart, Jeffrey Hamelman, Chad Robertson, Eric Kayser, Pierre Nury, etc.

I am interested in hearing from my fellow bloggers which contributors to this forum produce consistently outstanding bread recipes.


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Not to be conceited but, I do like my own recipe for white sandwich sourdough loaf bread.  It is good toasted, untoasted and, for sandwiches -- my opinion, and my wife's.

I'll bet there are a lot of bakers out there who like their own bread.  Otherwise, why would they be baking it?


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Ciril Hitz.

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Peter Reinhart, excellent teacher and great recipes (no errata!). Richard Ploner comes in second, with his wonderful Austrian/South Tyrolean recipes ("Brot aus Südtirol").


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No list is complete without Daniel DeMuzzio and, because I had the honor of testing some of their recipes before their newest book was published, I can attest to the fact that Stan Ginsberg and Norm Berg deserve some consideration in this discussion.