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Though you might get a good laugh out of this...

In my continuing bakefoolery, I was looking for a small vertical-sided glass or glass jar to use to measure bulk (and proof) fermentation.  Couldn't find one, but spotted a clear plastic tube/container (that came with a "roll" of epoxy filler wrapped in plastic inside the tube).  Looked perfect - tiny volume of dough needed to fill it but enough for an accurate test and had vertical walls.

Its about 1" in diameter and 5" tall.

Just had to add a few lines and numbers with MS Word to give it a "scale". (There's a little extra room below "1" because tube has a dimple in the bottom).


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thomaschacon (not verified)

I was thinking about something like this yesterday when I heard that Microsoft is offering $20,000 grants for XBOX Kinect applications. 

(Kinect a motion sensing input device by Microsoft for the Xbox 360 video game console).

Point the Kinect sensor at a vat of dough, do a volumetric calculation every 2 minutes or so, then have it report back when the volume had doubled. Then I got bored and lost my train of thought. (The thought of having to brush off old calculus textbooks had nothing whatsoever to do with my losing interest; really. I swear!).

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Stephanie Brim

See, I'm too busy playing Skyrim to think of things like this, but I'd be willing to test. :P

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I'll be focusing on LMDs (Laser Measuring Devices) next. "Touch and feel".... "Artisans".... hogwash!!