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Linen Lined Baskets (i.e. as seen in Tartine)

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Linen Lined Baskets (i.e. as seen in Tartine)

In "Tartine" there are a couple of pictures that show the 100's of cloth lined baskets that Chad uses for his final rise.  These look pretty simple and although I can't tell for sure I'd bet that the liners can be removed from the baskets and that both can be washed (Poly-wicker?) for dept of health reasons.  Anyhow - where might one find these inexpensively?  I currently use cheap poly-wicker bread baskets that you can buy by the dozen along with linen napkins that aren't up to snuff for the table any longer.  I can wash both and thats all well and good.  That being said I'd like to get away from the napkin folds impacting the shape of my loaves.  So in short I am looking for a cheap supply of washable baskets with removable liners.  SFBI's are $8/$10 but aren't removabble, Lined Bannetons are $30+.  What do you all think Chad uses?



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djeffsmith -

Here's a link to proofing baskest - you can buy just the liners for $5 each.  Enjoy!


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I've been under the impression that poly-wicker baskets and old linen napkins work quite well  ...but I now suspect my impression isn't accurate since they clearly aren't satisfying you. After you've had a chance to use the new stuff, please let us know how the more conventional liners compare with the old napkins.

(As to the napkins not fitting down into the baskets very well and causing misshapen loaves where the fold creases are, I've assumed that the "sew your own" liner methods that work with couche cloth would also work well with napkins. And that after a little work with the sewing machine, liners kludged out of napkins would work really well. Again, let us know your experience.)

(I've even heard of buying a dozen brand new synthetic fiber napkins cheaply at a restaurant supply, expecting the very tight and thick weave to work just as well as real linen. Anybody have any experience to report?)

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I bought from these folks and can recomend them they shipped very quick.  I have two of the 9" rounds with liner and two 17.5" baguette baskets without the liner.  I like the liner but using semolina flour to dust the ones without the liner works pretty well.  When I first got them I used regular bread flour to dust the basket and that did not work as well.


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and this is the cheapest source I could find. They do come as "combos" with liners. Try

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Thanks everyone.  I will get a sample of the Breadtopia's liners to see how they work with the baskets I have and check the quality.  I have the baskets - poly-wicker baskets can be had for about $2/each from restaurant supply houses.  The Brotforms are beautiful (don't get me wrong) - but I can not justify paying that much for baskets that will be lined in linen... but its fine by me for those that desire au naturale products!  I also like the idea of making a pattern and either sewing, or getting someone to sew based on a pattern.  Also - don't get me wrong - the linen napkins in my poly-wicker baskets are producing real pretty loaves... it's just the edges of the loaves can have indentations from the folded napkins.  I am getting picky - but I dig the aesthetics!