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yesterday I took the opportunity to knock up a batch of bread using the sour dough culture that i maintain here at work.

I have had some luck getting one of the chefs to do the sourdough crackers  over the last couple of weeks that appeared here  a short while ago.

I must say they turned out really good and loved by all those that tried them. Anyway it must have stirred me into  some action.

I started my dough just before 8.00 am and after mixing took it back to my office  where it was stretched and folded every hour

the dough was




35g SALT 


100g  of THE CONTENTS OF A BREW KIT (mostly malt extract with the infusion of hops)

AT 12.00 lunch time the dough went back to the bakery  area was scaled lightly handed up and shaped put onto couched boards and retarded  until 12.00 the following day and and after placing onto trays and washing with a boiled cornflour wash seeding and scoring just waited till i got the nod that the combi oven was free and no longer being used for the lunch time  service put the trays in with some steam for 5 minutes and allowed to bake for about 35 to 40 minutes time for a few quick photos and slice into one of the breads for a look inside  and there we have it a nice little rememberance day and my eldest grand daughters birthday loaf (lest we forget). The dark malt seems to have added some colour to the crumb

Many thanks to all our service personell past and present for your sacrifice for our well being

 regards Yozza


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You bake man!  Those look great.  That crumb just looks delicous and I think I can almost smell them from here.   That is a great bake for just something you "knocked up" on the spur of an opportunity!


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Love the poppy seeds and scoring

Really nice bake and nice sentiment behind it.


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Thank you for sharing and your kind words today. Your breads are beautiful.


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Good to see you baking like this Derek,

quantity, quality and great sentiment too

All good wishes


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Your post is so thoughtful, for Remembrance Day.
The bread you have baked is absolutely beautiful.
:^) from breadsong

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They've got your professional touch all over them. I'll bet that brew kit gave the flavour a nice kick along, too.


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Gorgeous loaves.

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Thanks everyone for your comments, i was very happy with the way it all turned out and all my bread tasters were pleased and reported back their great pleasure in eating the bread, its the first time that the retard has gone the 24 hours, i usually get in a bit earlier to bake off before the students take over the restaurant kitchen, but on this occasion i had spent the previous night baby sitting  the daughters animals at Serpentine and the trip to work takes an hour, i was likely to be still only half way through the baking process, so to avoid  getting in the way, fell in behind them and got a call as soon as the oven was free.

Yes Ross the brew kit contents was something that i thought would help things along and can be picked up quite cheaply when close to code  and lasts a long time too. Altogether a great day had by all  

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Hi have you got any jobs for an accountant or auditor going begging???

I could really do with an employer who would let me do the baking in great commercial ovens whilst I was at work.  You lucky ....... person!!!!

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Yes i know what side my bread is buttered and we have just been audited by the auditor generals office and passed with flying colours,

One of the students just sent a nice letter to the director of hospitality and to my general manager for training   thaking them for allowing me to assist with the bread making part of a patisserie course that they are doing so  that was very nice and the fact that they were soaking up everything that you were able to show them made it worth while for me too. 

Being the purchasing officer i get to know just about everyone in the organisation and having spent a short stint as the technician in the hospitality area  also has its benefits. It is a two way street though  and i did put in some effort to get together the building people and the hospitality  people to get the wood fired oven  project completed, and again i have benefited from that piece of equipment too.

Jobs well with about 5% unemployment there are still quite a lot of jobs going but you do have to put up with a mediteranean climate  lots of sun sea sand and sore eyes. Must be able to put up with ice cold beer  and 4 weeks holiday a year  with the provision of long service leave (12 weeks) after  10 years service. I am about to come to England next year on long service leave and will enjoy it no end. might even catch up with you

kind regards Derek

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Derek, we look forward to entertaning you in our country - and it would be great if we could meet.  I'll be the one that has the awful sickly green colour - envy can be a terrible thing :) especially as I hadn't appreciated that you have access to a wood fired oven - you can go off people, you know!  ;)

We can - probably - offer you cold beer, but the comparatively warm ones taste better, much much better (long live real ale) but they would not be as thirst quenching in a mediteranean climate with lots of sun sea sand and sore eyes.  They do, however, compliment the predominantly grey, cool, rainy climate you are likely to find on your visit.  But don't let that put you off too much, there is a lot of interest to see and a good portion of that is under cover.

As for the complimentary letter from the student, that is great, hopefully your employer will appreciate your diversity of skills.

Hopefully we can meet next year.  Just pm me if you have any questions about this little island.

Happy Baking.


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Hi Richard

I lived there until i was 15 and still have my dad  two sisters and a brother there. i still have a british passport but really should  take out my Australian citizenship as i consider this my home and has been for 45 years with 2 daughters and 2 grand daughters that are dinky di Aussies.

I do hope to catch up with as manyt TFL folk as i possibly can whilst i am there as we will be moving around the country quite a bit.

Dad and sister is in Hampshire, a sister in cornwall, in laws at Todmorden and   Huddersfield

friends living at Troon on the west coast of Scotland.

I also intend to catch up with Andy too.

and as far as beers go i am happy to try almost anything and you may have noticed that i brew my own stout for bread making purposes and dark ale as a drink that i enjoy a lot. I can recall trying a few Thirkstones on the last visit some 10 years ago.

regards Derek