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Coleman Instastart propane camping oven

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Coleman Instastart propane camping oven

I was wondering if anyone has experience with this oven. At home, I bake two to three times per week. Right now, I'm traveling across America in an RV that doesn't have an oven. I'm really starting to miss baking my own bread.

I think Coleman came out with this oven last year and I haven't been able to find a lot of reviews -- and none that cover baking bread. This is certainly the opposite of a super-precise commercial oven with steam control -- but I'm willing to accept some imperfect bread instead of store-bought bread.

You can find all kinds of listings on the web (most of them the same) by searching for "coleman instastart oven" -- here is one listed at Camping World ... which just happens to have a store right next to the campground we're at tonight. How about that? Any thoughts?

Coleman oven


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Mini Oven

Looks good. You won't have to preheat long. Have your aluminum foil handy.  Have fun!   Gosh even comes with a thermometer!  Total Luxury!  :)  Mini Oven

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It looks like a great little unit, and how nice to be able to bake while you travel! My only thought would be to ask if you can get an adaptor/regulator to allow you to hook it up to a bigger tank; the kind you use for a gas grill. We bought a portable Coleman grill last year, and it rocks, but we were really glad we got the adaptor. Those little tanks for portables get expensive when your doing any cooking to speak of. The specs on yours said 3 1/2 hours on one small tank; that's not that many loaves.

happy travels!


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Of course, you could always get a new Lodge dutch oven and learn the old school way of baking while travelling. Then you could feel really cool for learning an ancient technique. It is actually pretty simple if you get one of the dutch ovens that has the lip on top for the coals. Don't get one without the lip and plan to use it for baking bread, it is too much of a hassle to deal with and you'll never do it.

There are lots of sources of information on cooking in this way. A randomly chosen example:



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I'm sorry, I don't understand what you mean by "the lip on top for the coals"?

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He meant "lip on the lid". The cover has a lip or rim around the edge so the coals don't slide off and into the food when you remove it. The voice of experience on that one.


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TY ebanner..coals in the food, probably not too tasty!

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I was thinking the same thing as Loafer - we are planning a big family reunion camping weekend this summer and I was thinking of trying to bake a loaf of bread in my dutch oven using campfire coals. Since this is just a short weekend trip, and I like to ferment my sourdoughs a long time anyhow, I was thinking of making the dough at home, let it bulk ferment in a cooler, plop it into the dutch oven and bake at the campsite. Judging the temperature and bake time with the coals ought to be interesting...

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I meant to post the above to the OTHER thread by firepit on camp bread...sorry...but maybe it applies here too...

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Haven't camped yet this season but just had to try the new oven out

Baked some busuits just about 1/2 an hour ago and the oven works great! can't wait to use it at campsite