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Today's Completely Made-Up Bread

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Today's Completely Made-Up Bread

Knowing I'd work at home today (Wednesday) I made a preferment Tuesday morning: 

100 G KA Bread flour

100 G 100% hydration starter

60 g water

Tuesday night I made the dough:

All of the preferment

400 g KA all purpose

35 g rye

35 g oat flour

15 g salt

44o g water

30 min autolyse

Was really wet, so added flour until I could get some development. (Think I need to learn how to calculate the starter into the final %s. Was aiming for 68-70% hydration)

15 minutes kneading

1.5 hour proof, with S&F at 30 and 60

Pre-shape, rest and shape, and into the fridge overnight.

1.5 hours at room temp this morning

Baked w/preheat at 475 for 15 with steam, 30 without (for the badly-shaped batard) and in the combo cooker for the boule.

Pretty standard, delicious sourdough. My shaping skills have plateaued at a very low level, so need to work on those. 


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thomaschacon (not verified)

Or as the French call it, Pain de Complètement Confectionnés (d'Aujourd'hui)


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C'est vrai!

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100g(added to preferment)
50g(from starter)

620 g total flour

50(from starter)
60(added to preferm)
550 g total water

550 / 620 = 88.7% hydration

For a 70% hydration:
    620 flour x 70%(or .7) = 434g total water

So you should have added 324g water to the final dough.

    110 g(water in preferment) + 324 to final dough = 434.

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I suspected something as simple as arithmetic was my issue.