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Fish bread (or bread fish)

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Fish bread (or bread fish)

Ok.   The truth is that I don't have much to say about the bread I baked today.   I just want to post this picture:

All right - it is a Pain au Levain with around 30% whole durum.   Tastes good.  

That's all I have to say. 


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I'm hooked, where's da bait?  {:-))


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Ha ha ha

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How about calling it 'pain de poisson' ?
Looks lovely, by any name ~
:^) from breadsong

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Yes that sounds much better than fish bread.   Now why didn't I think of that.  Thanks for your comments.  -Varda

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Varda, nice display :) and lovely looking loaves.

Forgive me, but i couldn't help but notice a recurring attribute to your breads of late, i.e. huge holes, but surrounded by denser crumb. I had such results once, and i now know what causes them. your leaven isn't potent enough, or in other words, the bacteria population in your starter may have the upper hand, which shows in the profile of your slice - a flat base, and a pyramid top. I don't pretend, nor want to be critical of your work, you've done beautiful job several times, but whenever i see such a crumb, i'am reminded of my formerly ailing starter.

What do you feed your starter? at what ratio? and how frequently? and do you refrigerate it often between feedings?

Best of wishes,


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Yes, you are right.   A few weeks ago I had my starter in pretty good shape.   Then I mistreated it severely.   Then while it was recovering I ran out of rye for awhile and changed its diet.   We all know that's not good.   I just got my rye back, but my poor starter has not recovered.   For a long time I was very consistent if unorthodox on how I treated my starter.   But when I got into my durum obsession interest, I neglected my regular starter for my durum starter.  I knew I shouldnt' have posted this bread because of these starter problems, but I just wanted to show the goofy photo.   But of course with your eagle eye out there, ah well.   Anyhow, I like your straightfoward style and I've learned a lot from your comments.  -Varda

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now where is Terike ?



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indeed.   We definitely need her. (If only to counteract other goofballs on the site :-)  -Varda