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About Kenwood BM450 Breadmaker

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About Kenwood BM450 Breadmaker

Hi folks,

Kenwood Breadmaker BM450

Re programming

I looked at;



Please help me to understand;

1) What is kneader 1, kneader 2, kneader 3 and kneader? To my understanding this model has only one kneader.

2) If I want to using it for baking whether set the kneader time to 0?

3) What is rising time?

4) What is rising time vs baking time?



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Any reason you can't just select any of the pre-programmed options listed on page 6 (Basic, White Rapid, Whole Wheat, etc.), and leave that "Favourite" button alone and ignore page 8 for now?

(Maybe after a few months move to the "artisan dough" [#11] option, and after another few months finally move to the "favourite"?-)

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Knead 1 2 and 3 are the different knead cycles in the program, not physical kneaders


Rising time is time where it sits and rests and rises

Baking is baking


Its all there in the instructions


I am getting fairly successful soudough using a 7hr programmed setup


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Hi jonf,

Thanks for your advice.

> I am getting fairly successful soudough using a 7hr programmed setup

Is it a preset program?




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No I programmed it - basically set everything to almost its longest setting

thinkits like 15 mins warm up, 3 mins first mix, 15 mins second mix then each rise (which has like 15 secs punch down in between) at about 1hr 30 i think (Maybe i did 2 hrs).

I put my ingredients in, minus salt, press rapid mix to get them mixed, for a few mins, then stop that, add the salt, then set my pre programmed favourite to go, usually with a few more hours wait.

works pretty good - v tasty bread coming out!