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My version of the healthiest Danish organic rye bread, EVER :)

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My version of the healthiest Danish organic rye bread, EVER :)


600gr. Cold water

200gr.  Cracked rye

100gr. Cracked barley

100gr. Cracked spelt

200gr. Flour mixture

2 table spoons. Sourdough (from wild yeast)


500gr. Cold water

650gr. Flour mixture

22g. Salt

2 table spoons. Malted barley syrup

2-3 table spoons. Nettle (Urtica dioica)

Seeds: I use, pumpkin, sunflower and linseeds.

The flour mixture consists of:

550gr. Fresh grounded rye

150gr. Fresh grounded barley

150gr. Fresh grounded spelt.

Start mixing the pre-dough before you going to bed, its quit easy you just have to mix everything to a nice, soft and airy dough.

Next morning, just add everything from the final dough into the pre-dough and mix by hand or machine to a very sticky dough, it will take about 10 minutes by machine.

Then add all of the seeds (as much as you like), and mix short.

Oil and butter a form, fill it with the sticky dough.

Now let it proof about 2cm. and bake it in a 200 degrees Celsius  pre-heated oven for 2 hours.

Remember to let it cool down 100%, before slicing.





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That looks fantastic. I look forward to trying it, thanks for posting.


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Absolutely delicious!!

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Mini Oven

and either one can be used for the base?  I just made a nettle sd loaf myself.   :)    Yours looks like my kind of loaf!  

Busy here drying chili peppers, celery, parsley, onion greens and other stuff.   I've had hard frost two days in a row!  

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Yeah, There is no up and down, you can just flip it around. Nettle and sourdough=pure life:)

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Super Super Yummy, Breuer!

I'll have to try it someday. It look very healthy too!


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...I can only imagine how good that bread tastes.
Well done!
:^) from breadsong

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That looks so good. I have never baked or cooked with nettle ... sounds interesting. It has health benifits I imagine?

Cheers, Phil

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Nettle is one of most important herb we have on our planet, its packed with protein,vitamins and minerals(specialy iron)

The philosopher Rudolf Steiner says: "You can say that, the function the nettle has for the nature, the same function the heart has for us people!"