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Just posted a new focaccia video to our site if anyone is interested.

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frankie g

Just posted a new focaccia video to our site if anyone is interested.

Hey everyone,

I just posted a new focaccia video on our website if your interested.

I hope you enjoy


Frankie G - FGpizza

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Nice video; LOVE the sound track ...

Thanks for sharing

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Great video, and recipe.

I found the recipe on your website. What type, and brand, of flour are you using, for this recipe? I suspect it is the Caputo Pizza flour packaged in the red bags, as that appears to be the only type and brand of flour that you carry? If that is the case, can you tell me the protein level of this flour?


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frankie g


Thank you...  I actually use a high-gluten flour for it.  For this recipe I use BIG LOAF by Gold Medal/General Mills.

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Thank you.

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Barbara Krauss

I love all your videos, Frankie.  You know how to inspire.


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That's It!!!, Frankie~you just showed me how to make the civata my aunt used to make when I was a kid...she used to pronounce it as you have shi-va-tha. As an adult I was thinking maybe I'd mis-remembered what she'd called it & it might have been ciabatta, but when I'd see baked ciabatta~nope...not it! To top it off, you used Romano! It just doesn't have the same taste when Parmesean is used.

Well, I know what I'm making the first chance I get. And I agree with Barbara...I enjoy your videos & your daughter is adorable.

Toni (Antonina)

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frankie g

Thanks Barbara and Toni, 


You know, we ate this every holiday, and they called it pizza.  It wasn't until I was older, and researched it with my family that I realized it was called Civata.  Now, they do not use that word any more and call it sfingione.  

Thanks for the nice comments.... and thank you for supporting FGpizza, it helps with Natalia's education.