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Today's Bake: Honey Whole Wheat Challah

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Today's Bake: Honey Whole Wheat Challah

Our friends from Israel (wife) and Idaho (husband) joined us for a bike ride today as temperatures in New England hit 80F! 

So challah was on the menu. I used the Honey Whole Wheat from the front page. Came out wonderful. Perfect compliment to grilled salmon with garlic chive butter; steak tips with Santa Maria Seasoning; tomato, cucumber feta salad; and grilled eggplant from the garden. We ate the sesame seed version and sent the poppy seeded one home with our friends.  She said it looked like the challah you get in Jerusalem from the home-style bakeries. She's being nice, I know, but I took it as a compliment!



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I went to get the whole wheat flour and there wasn't any.  I, too, aimed to make Stan & Norm's honey wholewheat challah today and was feeling all smug because I had finally figured out an easy way to calculate amounts from percentages using the memory restore on the calculator.  I figured I'd start with weight of three eggs and recalculate everything from there.  This meant I measured the liquids first but when I headed to the pantry for the flour, no whole wheat was to be found.  I used 100% NYB's Farine de Campagne -- we'll see ... I'll take pictures when all is said and done.

Mis en place prevents such dilemmas.  You think I'd learn ...