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The folding dough proofer is out

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The folding dough proofer is out

A while ago, there was a poster who was developing a dough proofer for market and wanted input from all of us. S/he had a survey and the link is here:

Well, the product is out and while it looks nifty, it does have an interesting price tag.So take a look and see what it's all about:


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And now that I know that dough proofs well at room temp ...

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For that price, I expect more than a temperature-controlled box. I can see how it might be appealing that this appliance could be used for yogurt, tempering chocolate, and other tasks that require steady, specific temperatures, but it would be much, much more attractive if the humidity level could be digitally controlled. The bottom line is that the product, as it is, is not something I would invest in. All of the applications advertised on the website have easy solutions that we all have in our kitchens:

bread proofing: pan of hot water in your oven with the pilot light on is more than adequate

yogurt making: I make yogurt with a heating pad propped inside a metal bowl (see Alton Brown's yogurt episode of Good Eats). Comes out perfect every time. 

Chocolate tempering: a digital thermometer and a makeshift double boiler are all you need. You might have to read a couple pages in a cookbook to get it right, but the extra effort is definitely worth $159. 

snack crisping: an oven set on low does the job. Sure, ovens have trouble maintaining steady low temperatures (i.e. anything below about 200), but I routinely re-crisp my crackers and cereal at 300, not because I can't do it at a lower temperature, but because 300 does the job fast without causing browning.

dinner plate warmer: um... pretty sure of all the things missing in my life, this is not one of them. 


just my two cents... everybody's kitchen needs/preferences differ. 


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More features?  Like being larger and having humidity control?  When I read "folding", I thought the thing would fold the dough... but it doesn't.  It's just a warm draft-free box.  The price is indicative of the product production levels ...expensive when doing low volume manufacturing.