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A photograph can't come close

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A photograph can't come close

Back home from my trip to the Grand Canyon. First bake since return (sourdough, of course) is preshaped and resting, coming to room temperature. I promised photos; here is one of the four-hundred I took. At best, a photograph, no matter how good, only triggers the sense memory of awe I felt when I first looked at the Canyon from Mather's Point.

David G


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Such a beautiful picture that shows us such spectacular view!  thanks for sharing David.

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Wow, thanks for sharing!!

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I remember that exact same feeling have to see it in person ...nothing else compares.




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Thanks for the mini trip, probably as close to the canyon as I will ever come! Unless I win a lottery, then I will go a couple times!


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Hello David, We just returned from a trip to Grand, Bryce and Zion Canyons...we must have been just a few days behind you! I hope you had a wonderful trip! We came home with lots of good memories from these amazing places.
Thanks for your photo from Mather Point; I was happy to see this as we didn't stop there.
Here's one for you in return, taken at sunrise near the South Kaibab Trailhead.

:^) from breadsong

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I'm ready to go again.

David G