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dinner date

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dinner date

Yesterday was the dinner  for CHAINES DES ROTESSIUERS

I had agreed to make my home brew stout bread for the occassion so after starting off the soak of stout and wholemeal at 8.30 in the morning i took to my normal purchasing duties until lunch time and then with thanks to my manager was allowed to go down to the kitchen.

The soak consisting of 2kgs of organic wholemeal and 500g of ryemeal 200g of sour dough starter 2.1Litres of home brew stout and a further 700mls of water, i could have used my last bottle of stout but wanted to reserve that for colleagues to sample to see if they thought that the flavours had carried through.

The rest of the dough was formed by 2.5Kg flour 100g salt, 100g gluten, 75g dried yeast 200g malt extract from a brew kit, 100g butter.

As the mix was coming together a generous litre of water was added which bought the liquid content to 76% it was sticky and possibly a little less may have been better.

The dough when mixed was placed in a large bucket  and for the benefit of the two mature age overseas students that were assisting me a mark placed on the side. the 2 students one from Taiwan and the other from Malaysia along with another 3 from our college have just been chosen to assist with the food for CHOGM (Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting) that is being held in Perth very soon. 

DOUGH MIXED IN BUCKET FOR PROOF I was anticipating a 2hour bulkfermentaion period with 1.5% yeast but with the soak in active bottle fermented stout and an addition of sour dough culture it came through quicker than anticipated

in fact as can be seen ready in 1 hour

50 g dinner rolls  out of the oven




there wes plenty of extra dough so sticks and a couple of loaves were made the sticks i gave to the visiting chefs to take home and was much appreciated

some bread with the french butter

also attached the menu for the evening i didnt stay for the meal and got away not long after my normal knock off time i did have the stich with some nice blue costello and tomato and cucumber.





Chef Marco Bijl –

Prawn with jackfruit and lime chutney

Crevettes et son chutney de jackfruit et citron vert

Peppered beef with caramelised onion jam on a German rye

Boeuf au poivre avec sa confiture d’onion caramelisee sur canapés de son

Duck breast on orange salad

Magret de canard et sur salad a l orange

Smoked Salmon with Japanese mayonnaise topped with Wasabi

Saumon fume avec sa mayonnaise Japonaise et wasabi


TEAM CHALLENGER INSTITUTE: fresh breads & beurre d’isigny (normandy)

Pain du jour et beurre d’ Isigny (Normandie)

CHEF PHIL WESTWOOD/ CHALLENGER INSTITUTE – quail flambé with port/pink pepper jus, golden egg & enoki mushroom garni

Caille Flambee et son jus de poivre rose au porto

Oeuf d or et champignon Enoki garni

d’Arenburg sparkling red chambourcin (Aus)

CHEF GRAEME SHAPIRO/ WILD POPPY- pork belly in caramel with crispy crab, pork & crab relish

Travers de porc au caramel et crabe croustillant, accompagnee d une compote de crab and porc

trois mont bier (Fr.)


CHEF DOUGLASS KERR/ BOUCHARD RESTAURANT-Pan fried line caught fish, petit pois a la francaise, potato and clam veloute.

Poisson de ligne et son veloute de  petits pois a la francaise, pommes de terre et coques


CHEF LUKE WAKEFIELD/ NATIONAL JEUNE CHEF 2010- corn fed chicken gallontine, sweet corn croquette, chanterelle fricassee, tomato essence

Gallantine de poulet de ferme aux grains, croquette de mais, fricassee de chanterelles et essence de tomate

Tricastin La Ciboise Blanc (cotes du rhone) ’09 (Fr.)

CHEF SOREN KOBERSTEIN/ GEORGE ST. BISTRO- sour beef cheeks, almond & sultana jus, brussel sprouts

Joue de boeuf aigre douce au jus de raisins et amandes

pirathon by kalleske ’09 (Barossa)

CHEF MATTHEW LADKIN/ FRIENDS RESTAURANT- coconut pannacotta, pineapple carpaccio & raspberry and mint salad.

Crème de noix de coco accompagnee d un carpaccio de framboises et ananas



Café, petits fours

Service: Jeanette Paladino & Clare Russel.              Beverages: Gary Bird.

Supported by Food and Beverage Students & Trainees

 regards yozza


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I gather now, you are a professional cook/chef? Anyway, nice breads, Derek!

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Alas Mebake my name didnt even appear , but i do know that the bread was liked by the guest chefs in the kitchen and the students enjoyed the hands on 2 to 1 experience.

regards Yozza

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Hi Derek,

I see the Chefs take all the credit; no mention for the hard working baker!!

I hope the breads were truly appreciated, however, as the work looks outstanding.

I note you use a bit of gluten in the formulae for much of your college-based baking.   Is that a safewguard to give the students a little extra confidence in handling dough?

Very best wishes


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Very well picked there Andy I did not intend to use any gluten but as i went a bit generous with the water  i added the gluten knowing that it would take up a goodly amount of the moisture as well as give the dough a bit more strength and that makes it a bit easier for the students.

Its funny my supervisor thought exactly the same, rotten that i wasn't afforded the same honour as a couple of our staff along with the guest chefs.  

ps I should be in the UK  mid June and July so hope to catch up then  

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So! we have numerous pro. bakers : Andy, Larry, Derek, Franko.. who else.. i wonder.

Lovely site, TFL!

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great site, great people and some really great bakers regardless of whether they earn a living from the trade or just dedicated individuals.

I did my apprenticeship (4 years ) and then a further 6 but gave it away when the smaller bakeries were closing down and the factories were takeing over and big distances to and from work.

I have always maintained my interest in BAKING and recently sour doughs. i am fortunate to currently work at a college that has Hospitality as a big part of its training and that i have been welcomed by the teaching chefs to become involved to some degree. all very good fun .

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They'll miss you when you go, Yozza! Where else are they gonna find someone whose contribution to the campus so exceeds your job description? Great bake, as always. And with that home-brewed stout in the mix, can imagine the bread/rolls tasted as good as they look.


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Thanks Ross

But no one is indispensible they managed before and they will manage after.

It was quite funny today i bumped into the director of Hospitality down in the kitchen area whilst there were no classes running  and she asked me what i was doing, to which i replied Feding My Baby! I then proceeded to show her the sour dough culture and showed what i do twice a day to maintain it and also explained that i had been doing that for more than 2 years.

She was staggered when i told her that some s/d cultures had been maintained for a hundred years or more, i also pointed out that the good thing was that quite a few of her staff were becoming interested and were in fact using the stuff, even if only as an addition to their bread rolls. However young students were very interested and just want to know more.

I have even scored a gig after the term break next month taking the small group of students that are currently doing a patissiere course with our French chef, David is also becoming a student for that day too. I am quite looking forward to it too.

regards Yozza  

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Nicely done Yozza.

I have only had the honor to bake for one dinner event held by a local Chef De Cuisine. My team was bit untrained in breads, but none-the-less we had a good time. I hope your further endevors turn out to be fruitful for you! :)

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Thanks Arlo

I was pleased to be asked and indeed consider it is some recognition to be invited, i did leave early once my work was done before the guests arrived, they too are predominantly chefs or industry people, not that there would have been the opportunity to mingle. I will have to ask the students when i see them next  whether they got to meet any of the dinner attendees.

But what a wonderfull chance for the young trainee chefs from our college to be assisting with the food for the Commomwealth Heads of Government including Queen Elizabeth and the prime minister of Australia Julia Gillard to name a few.    

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I'll bet they were devoured. I love that particular shape - and the seeds, oh baby.

I'm with Andy: how is it the chefs get all the credit and the baker comes up empty handed?

Nice work!


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Thanks Wally

I guess us bakers are used to it the chefs get the glamour and recognition we are used to standing in the background

the rolls in the foreground were white and black sesame and poppyseed the white bread in the background  were the chefs  they were dunked in a water honey solution and then rolled in a mixture of seeds.

regards Yozza