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Samsung convection oven with "steam clean"

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Samsung convection oven with "steam clean"

I've been shopping for a new oven and am strongly considering buying one of the new electic Samsung stoves/convection ovens with steam cleaning. They have a completely sealed bottom surface and are built to withstand steam, so I think that they would be great to get me the steam I need for bread baking and keep it in the oven without venting it out right away.

Also, they have 3 convection fans in the oven.

Does anybody have any bread-baking (with steam) experience with one of these ovens?

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Works great, just pour about a cup and a half of hot water on the bottom of the pre-heated oven. Both my brother in law and my daughter have the Samsungs. My daughter's also has a proofing function which I have not tried, but I assume is simply the capability to set the oven at 120F (mine goes no lower that 170)