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Yeast confusion

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Yeast confusion

What would likely be the outcome of using an instant yeast in a recipe calling for standard active yeast, and using the basic full bake setting as opposed to the shorter quick bake.  evidently I am using an instant yeast, didn't understand there was a difference. Still trying to get a handle on the bread machine far the only bread I get to come out right use the cake setting and NO yeast, just baking soda etc..those come out great, basic bread setting 3 hours 45 minutes, not so good.

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Just Loafin

Most bread machines recommend instant yeast. Outside of a bread machine and doing things by hand, there is too little difference between active and instant to be concerned with. If you want to be concerned, instant is slightly more condensed, so you'd want to use ~ 25% -more- active if a recipe called for instant, or ~ 25% -less- instant if a recipe called for active. For one or two loafs, this is insignificant and can be ignored.

In a bread machine, it might be a big difference, I've never used one. If you are using a general recipe that is not bread machine specific (and calls for active), I would switch to instant, and use a pinch more. Do NOT proof the yeast as most general recipes call for! Just add the yeast to the bread machine with your dry ingredients. Run the machine on whatever cycle is normal. You should get a reasonable result, certainly edible, and a point at where you can start tweaking it if it needs it.

- Keith