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My weekly bread

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My weekly bread

I made my weekly bread today and it came out better than ever so I though I would pass along what I did.

My usual mix is 100% fresh ground whole grain spelt, barm, salt and water. The barm is always 100% hydration. I started with 25g from a week old left in the fridge barm, about 5pm. Added 25g ea. let it sit overnight and at 6am added 50g ea. About 12:30 added 125g ea., removed 25 and put it in the fridge for next week. Let this sit until 2:30.

Mixed 800g flour and 550g water just until it came together, let it sit for 30 minutes, added the rest of the ingredients. Didn't kneed it much at all then let it sit for 3 hours with a few folds every 30 minutes. Shaped the loaf and put it in La Cloche and into the fridge around 6pm. Came home 1pm took it out and put it into the warm oven (apx 120) for an hour and a half. Took it out and pre-heated the oven. Baked it 40 minutes with the lid on then another 25 with the lid off. The spring was the biggest I've ever experienced, filled La Cloche to the top. Haven't cut it yet, it's cooling.

Sorry no pictures, I still use film.

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Bread sounds good but ............ what's film?? :)