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Southern Vermont Sourdough

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Southern Vermont Sourdough

Hamelman’s Vermont Sourdough is one of my favorite recipes. It is so consistent in both flavor and texture. It’s hard to mess up this formula. It’s still pretty warm in Tallahassee, FL so paying attention to the Desired Dough Temperature (DDT) is important. Following Hamelman’s instructions I needed chilly water.

Desired Dough Temperature           76

Multiplication Factor                         4

Total Temperature Factor                304

Minus Flour Temperature                71

Minus Room Temperature               78

Minus Pre-ferment Temperature     75

Minus Friction Factor                       26

Water Temperature                          54

I started the levain build yesterday at 6:30 p.m. and started the dough at 7:30 a.m. today. I created a timing chart to help me along the way.

The finished batards...


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Great crust color. Post a shot of the crumb once you cut into them.

Nice bake,


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Lovely bake, Marie!

Do you know how to calculate DDT if kneading by hand? the friction factor will be zero?

I like your timing chart, I use one too, and I find it very helpful.

Nice colour on your batards, did you get a photo of the crumb?