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The Dough That Wouldn't Die...

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The Dough That Wouldn't Die...

When I first made Reinhart's pizza crust from the BBA, we decided the crusts were too thin and crispy for our tastes, and tossed the remaining two dough balls into the freezer.

I thought about them recently and put them in the fridge last night to use today. They rested on the counter for 3 hours, then I shaped and baked one cheese pizza and one crust with zatar. Worked great! Then I went back to my notes I had written in the BBA (does anyone else deface their baking books?), and guess what? That dough was over a year old! March 17, 2006 to be exact! And it baked up into an edible pizza. Reinhart says to use the frozen dough within 3 months, but it still came out looking like real food to me!

Has anyone else resurrected some antique dough? Or maybe I should say, dough a l'Ancienne?


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I worked at small family owne dpizza shops when I was younger. It never impressed me to find dough that was still living in the back of the frig. Although I've never tried the recipe you are speaking of, I don't doubt that the stuff lived.