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Spelt bagels?

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Spelt bagels?

First of all, thanks a million to everyone here for all the ideas and experience I've gained from you.

Now to my question: Several folks I bake for are allergic to wheat but can tolerate spelt (and LOVE it). They're asking me to develop a spelt bagel, so I'm trying Peter Reinhart's WW bagel formula with 100% spelt. I've read that some of you here have tried it, and have gotten particular help from helend's posts, but does anyone have experiential advice to share? I'd like to develop this recipe to the point where I could sell these bagels.

Portland, Oregon

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Hey There,

It's not that I want to discourage folks from making their own spelt bagels, but just in case they don't have time, I have been working over the past three years to create the perfect spelt bagels (and breads and pizza dough) because my son is one of those people who can't eat common wheat, but who can enjoy spelt to his heart's content.   As a child advocate attorney turned entrepreneur (now baking company owner), I created spelt recipes for my son and eventually commercialized them. We use only organic and all natural ingredients.  They are light and awesome.  Our story is one worth sharing on the healing nature of food.

As stated by Hippocrates in 460 BC "Let food be thy medicine; let medicine be thy food"


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I am able to make a good SD Spelt bread.  I grind my own flour.   I'd like to make a 100% Spelt bagel with only flour, water, sea salt, yeast,  and barley malt. Has anyone had any success and advice?