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 Hello to all,

I made some blue berry muffins yesterday.  Normaly I would just fill the muffin pan to the top for each muffin .

They baked perfectly. One problem. I used what I thought was parchment type inserts. After they had cooled the muffin would not leave the parchment paper and left pieces of the muffin still attached to the inserts.

Have never used the inserts before and have never made blue berry muffins either.

Any ideas what the problem might have been and what I should have done to prevent this from happening again.

Thanks and have a nice Labor Day  week end.

Mr. Bob



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I will just say that you can spray the inserts with nonstick Pam, or the like, to prevent the sticking. I usually do.

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It used to be that the cupcake liners were somewhat waxed so the batter didn't soak into it and stick. It seems that in the last few years, cupcake papers(muffin liners) are plain paper and you must spray/oil them before filling. I'm not sure why the change-maybe just another way to reduce costs. OR the job was contracted out to someone who didn't have a clue how to make them but did it very cheaply.


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Just Loafin

Make yourself up some the best non-stick coating at the cheapest cost...

Pick a unit by volume, 1/2 c, whole c, whatever amount you want.

Combine 1 unit shortening with 1 unit cooking oil (vegetable is what I use) in a mixing bowl. Set aside 1 unit AP flour. Start mixing on low until oil and shortening come together. Start adding the flour 1/3 at a time and combine each segment. Once all the flour is in, scrape down the bowl sides, turn mixer on high, and whip until it forms somewhere between soft and stiff peaks. Store in a ziplock bag or suitable container and refrigerate. Keeps for a long long long time...

When baking things like muffins, use a paper towel and get some non-stick out of the container. Apply liberally all over the muffin tin. Did I mention liberally? If I didn't, then apply liberally. ; ) Muffins should literally just fall out when the tin is overturned. This stuff is good for anything, cake pans, cookie sheets, etc. It also works well for those tube cake pans with intricate wells that notoriously stick. The best part of this non-stick is saved for last - there's no white 'flour residue' around the baked item(s) that you get when coating and flouring conventionally.

You might prefer each muffin in an individual paper, which would make this suggestion more or less moot... I get that cupcakes need to be individual, because they are normally frosted and need to stand by themsleves, but for muffins, I normally just toss them all into a basket, as it's fine for them to touch each other. If you have smooth liners, this non-stick will work, but if they are fluted like normal cupcake papers, then you're at the mercy of a spray to get into the flutes.

- Keith

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Hi K

Out standing info will do some .




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Mini Oven

Those same papers for cup cakes etc.  Use them and leave the papers on them.   Let the person eating the muffin remove the paper and deal with any sticking.   That's half the fun of eating them!  

Have you tried baking muffins in coffee cups?   


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Hi Mini from az.    from  Mr. Bob from az.

NP as long as some of the muffin stay  intact.  lol   Next day I had saved a couple and the paper did pull away quite easily.

Kieth answer also was very intersting. Cool here and nice weather in Me. Glad I am not in Surprise for the summer. Lot of wind and rain for a few days but now outstanding almost fall weather.


Mr. Bob

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Mini Oven

:)  We're still picking blue berries here in Austria...  up in the higher elevations.  With two letters, country code is "at."  

Paper really pulls nicely off 3 day old chocolate cupcakes if you can hide em that long.


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   Hi there Mini Oven in Austria. 

Oh my I thought I saw at one time you were from Phoenix AZ..   AZ is Arizona. Thanks for the input on paper for muffins. Maine has Blueberrys in season also. Nice and small and verty tasty.

 I think I will try the article that Keith posted.  Have not tried chocolate ones just getting into muffins.

   In the state of Maine for the month of September. Wedding at the end of a month. I sure hope I get no snow on the way back to Arizona.

Mr. Bob

Here is a nice show that I did on Williams Lake in Idaho near Salmon Idaho. 

  About 3-4 miles up the mountain surrounded by mountains is a beautiful lake right in the middle of the mountains. 

 Enjoy. Mr Bob


  I have hundreds of other posted but I am redoing the web



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Mini Oven

I'm heading out Tuesday for a wander tour in the Alps - East Tyrol for a week.  Hey, if my kid can do it, so can I!  Pssst, my Mil is taking me with her!  These Austrians sure are a sturdy folk.  A week ago the weather took a sudden change and it snowed above 1400 meters.  Cancelled quite a few trips, no-one was dressed for it (shorts) and the trails got hard to see.   

You took me down memory road with "River road."  ...Know the song by heart and haven't heard or sung it in a long long time.   Think I got a new wandering song to teach my companions on the trail.    Thanks  :)

Cutting a bundt loaf is easy, small wedges.    ...or straight across... the middle yields two slices at a time!  That might be interesting to watch.  (Now if you start sawing an imaginary loaf with your hand and closing one eye thinking about it,  then I know we are kindred spirits!) 

Mini O di-lady-whoo