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Grinding sprouted grains for bread?

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Grinding sprouted grains for bread?

I have a Vitamix and a wheatgrass juicer (auger type), a grain mill, as well as a hand mixer.  I would like to grind sprouted grain to use in bread directly (i.e., instead of dehydrating and grinding into flour).  I know I can't use the grain mill because its for dry grain.  I was wondering what I could use to grind the grain?  Will Vitamix work or do I need a meat grinder?



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If I was you, I would go to my local GoodWill and buy a cheap meat grinder.  I see them on the shelves all the time and most in a unused state..

I've been sprouting my grains for my breads and use my meat grinder to grind the sprouts.  I then use this portion as my whole wheat along with bread flour.   

I even have a flour mill but don't use it much since I prefer my sprouted breads.  Better tasting.

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Thanks Dennis,

Are you talking manual grinders?  Because I can get them cheap on Amazon for like 20 or 30.  Or are you talking electric?


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I'm not familiar with the Vitamix, but I usually blitz sprouted wheat with my Bamix and that works just fine (in small portions at a time).