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Have my poppyseeds expired?

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Have my poppyseeds expired?

I bought 2 cups of Whole Blue Dutch poppyseeds about 6 months ago, hoping to bake Markus Farbinger's Poppyseed Torte, an espresso-flavored, poppyseed and meringue-filled Viennese torte.

I didn't get around to baking the torte, but am thinking about doing so today.

I just realized that poppyseeds are supposed to be refrigerated; but, I've held them at room temperature. The bags have never been opened, however.

Question: Are my poppyseeds still "good"? Is there some way to test them before using them? It's a rather involved process to make this torte and I don't want to spend 4+ hours making it if my poppyseeds have lost their mojo.

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Mini Oven

Only one way to find out.  

Shove a teaspoon of seeds into your mouth and chew on them awhile.  If you can't discern rancidity, they're ok.  Wait for any after-tastes before starting the torte.   (and brush teeth before smiling :)


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but make sure you don't have a drug test at work tomorrow -- yup, poppy seeds trigger positive opium responses for a couple days afterwards.

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It wasn't smoking opium, I ate a Viennese torte that had 2 cups of poppy seeds! :D

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The old-fashioned way! 

Thanks, Mini.

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I am still using juniper berries bought in Germany in 1991 for my venison roasts.  Haven't died yet ;)

Your poppy seeds are probably fine unless you see mold.