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internet mail order source for organic kamut grain - free shipping - for home millers

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internet mail order source for organic kamut grain - free shipping - for home millers

Kamut is a wonderful grain. I'm posting to share a mail order source for organic kamut for those who are familiar with this grain and own a grain mill. (I'm not posting to extoll the virtues of kamut - I happen to love this grain because of it's nutty flavor but I expect readers already to be interested in it and know how to use it)

I've been purchasing (and using) kamut for about five years. I've found it to be pricey and difficult to find. I recently purchased 10 lb of organic kamut for $34 from a 'net mail order source (shipping within the USA is free). This works out to $3.40 per lb.

Here's the link to the site (for organic kamut)  - - the site only ships within the USA. You can also purchase smaller amounts for slightly higher prices. If you have the storage space, you can get 50 lb for $132.50, which translates to $2.65/lb.

If anyone knows of a less expensive *mail order* source for organic kamut (*including* shipping costs) I would appreciate your response. I'm on the north-east coast of the US, so shipping costs are a major consideration.

Hope this helps other lovers of kamut.

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Depending on where exactly you are located on the NE coast, this may be an option for you.  Prices are quoted by shipping zone, with the states listed for each.  Quantity is 42 lbs and the grain ships in a pail.


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I get my Kamut from here  Price is $30.06 for 25 lbs.  Shipping for me was $16.78.

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...Unfortunately, 25 lb of kamut is way too much for me, since I don't have a lot of storage space.

I was able to determine shipping costs. The cheapest shipping for 25 lbs came to $26. This, added to the cost of the grain, makes the total cost $2.25/lb.

I had to supply name, shipping address, phone number and email address before the site would tell me what the shipping costs would be. I really resent sites that insist on harvesting this info from potential customers before they'll give you the shipping cost.

I'll keep this source on my short list if I ever want a large supply of kamut.

Thanks for sharing - SF