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Sourdough cheese sun dried tomato rosemary bread

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Sourdough cheese sun dried tomato rosemary bread

Hello all,

I have been visiting this website for a long, but have not posted anything yet. First, I love with how much knowledge this website is saturated. Thank you all for sharing your knowledge, secrets, victories, failures, special moments, pictures, recipes. It is always fun to come back to see what people make and eat.

Back to my post;

I made Sourdough Cheese (Parmesan and aged Gouda) Sun Dried Tomato Rosemary Bread today. First I was looking for the recipes but at some point I decided to develop my own formula (it was not the first one, however I was afraid a bit for I did not have time for a possible failure today ). Since, I just recently made my sun dried tomato and had some fresh dried rosemary (that I put in almost anything, even my hot chocolate when I make it) I decided to use these ingredients together with my cheese, and some organic rye and whole wheat flour.

So, I put the formula together and made this intriguing bread. It was light inside regardless the cheese and dried tomato cubes. The crust was beautiful with visible pieces of cheese and tomato. The crumb was specter of warm colors. It looked like Autumn just fall asleep on my bread. The taste: salty Parmesan and creamy Gouda, acidic tomato, undertone of rye and rosemary all came together into burst of flavors. And the inside of the bread:

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Jon Morrison

Would you share the recipe?  That bread looks fantastic.



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Thanks Jon. I was pleased too.


The recipe for Sourdough Cheese Sun Dried Tomato Rosemary Bread:

435 g active sourdough (100 % hidration)

550 g all purpose flour (substitue with bread flour if you wish)

85 g whole rye flour

65 g whole wheat flour

375 g water (350 ml at 72 F)

15 g fine table salt (~2 tsp)

1 tsp rosemary powder (freshly dried)

2 oz aged gouda cheese (small cubes)

1.6 oz/50 g parmesan cheese (small cubes)

90 g dried tomato (small cubes)



Combine flours, sourdough culture, and water and mix until incoporated throughly. About 2 minutes. Let stand at room temperature for 30 minutes.

Meanwhile cut cheeses and tomato into small cubes.

After autolyse, add salt and kneed with hands (I do all my breads with hand) for 5 minutes, than add rosemary powder, kneed 5 more minutes, or until gluten is modertely developed.

Now add cubed cheeses and tomato and kneed about 2 minutes to incorporated all the ingridiants. The total weight of dough was 1655 g.

Fermentation and folding at 76F (that was mine room temperature) for 2 1/2 hours. Fold three times in 40 minutes intervals.

Dividing and shaping:

I divided mine into 775 g for loaf pan and 935 for boule shape. I placed them into big plastic bag to prevent drying.


2 1/2 hours at 76F.


Boule (bake in preheated oven at 475F with steam for 12 minutes, than 17 more minutes at 420 F without the steam). My oven is very old and I am not sure te temperature reading are that accurat. So, know your oven and keep an eye on bread. :))

Loaf (bake at 475F with steam for 12 minutes, and 25 more minutes without the steam at 420 minutes).

Let me know if I have missed something or you have questions.

Good luck baking and let me know how you like it. And post some pictures, too. :))


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Bemonkey, this looks and sounds delicious :-) I will have to try this flavor combination very soon! My favorites SD loaves lately are lemon with herbs de provence and cherry pecan. Thanks for sharing!



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You are welcome. :)

Lemon with herbs de provence and cherry pecan sounds great. Is the recipe here on FL?



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I make it many different ways...sometimes 100% whole wheat, sometimes all white, sometimes 50-50...whatever my fancy. I am sure just about any basic SD recipe you have will work great!

Just add in the zest of 1-2 lemons with a handful of herbs de provence....I use a faily high hydration recipe (75%), no real kneading, just S&F every 30 min for 4 hrs...overnight retard and bake with steam.

For cherry pecan, I re-hydrate the dried cherries in water so they don't steal hydration from the dough and toast the pecans...about 1 cup of each is fine for a 1.5# loaf or boule...but you can double that if you like for a really special breakfast treat...really chock full of goodies!


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That sounds great Krista. I love taste of nuts in breads. One of my favorite is apple walnut sourdough bread by Susan (Wild Yeast). Love the crunchiness of nuts and the color that they contribute to bread. It is amazing what you can put in breads.

Thanks for the summery on Lemon with herbs de provence and cherry pecan bread. I will try that one of these days.