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Split a 50# bag of flour in the Hudson Valley?

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Split a 50# bag of flour in the Hudson Valley?


I am considering placing an order to Central Milling for high-extraction flour, the ideal flour for certain Miche loaves.  If anyone in the mid-Hudson Valley, anywhere from Yonkers to Kingston on either side of the river, wishes to go in on a 50# bag, please contact me off list.  Thanks very much.



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I live in lower Westchester. 

What's the protein content and the cost?

Web site?



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Don't give any of it away. Trust me you'll find out why...,

Bien Cordialement, Wild-YEast

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Rodger -

If you're still interested in splitting the bag, please reply to my questions:  cost, protein content, and is it their "organic type 85"?


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Hi Richkaimd,


I sent you a private email yesterday, which apparently never reached you.  This is what I wrote:




Thanks for making contact.  I live across the river from you in Orange County, but
if we decide to split a bag of flour I would be happy to meet in Tarrytown or

 The web site, is less informative than it could be.  In particular, I don't see any pricing there.  I purchased two
five-pound bags of the flour in the past, along with a five-pound bag of one of their AP flours.  The cost of the type-85 was $5.50 for the five pound bag, so I suspect we can expect to pay about a dollar a pound, even in bulk. 

 This is how the company describes its type 85 flour:

 Organic Type 85 Malted

Unbleached flour with wheat germ and bran middling, 12.5-13% protein.

Description: 50# / Made from the highest baking quality certified 100% organic Hard Red Winter Wheat.  Malted with Organic Malted Barley Flour.  Applications: Long fermentation, sour dough levain,  batards or dinner rolls, all Italian hearth breads and French style hearth breads, pan breads, naturally leavened bread, (also very good in feeding sour dough starters and poolish sponges). Good for bead machines.   

If you follow the wizards and gurus on The Fresh Loaf, such as Shao Ping and David Snyder, this is the flour they prefer for
Hammelman's Miche Pointe-a-Calliers. Indeed I've been quite pleased with the results using this flour for that formula.  It is a happy compromise between white flour and whole grain.

 Let me know if you want to proceed, else I will go ahead  and order multiple five-pound bags for myself.



Rodger Friedman

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I recieved an email today from Central milling, the cost of a 50# bag of Organic Type 85 is $28.08, with shipping being "in the $50 range" to North Carolina.

I hope this helps.