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Results of decreasing sugar in my Zo BBCEC20

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Results of decreasing sugar in my Zo BBCEC20

At the suggestions of very helpful people on this forum I changed my receip a bit to get a softer crust.

My crust previously was in my opinion, too hard and dark even tho I used the Light selection. This is for basic white bread as I am just starting with the ZO.

Jim also asked how I was doing so far and I have but a link for pictures. My pictures will get better also.

I reduced the sugar from 4 Tbls to 2 and I turned off the pre-heat. I'm not sure what the preheat is doing anyway.

I also raised the water temp to 87 degrees

I also used Veg oil instead of butter but that is no a change from the hard crust bread from before.

Feel free to suggest anything as I am learning

Thanks Larry

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You're improving, looks good.