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My weekend loafing

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Postal Grunt

My weekend loafing

After seeing Glenn's posting of his weekend bake, I thought that I'd show a couple of pictures of my project. It's what I often call my "house loaf" lately though this particular loaf appears to look better than most I've turned out. Maybe it was good fortune but I like to think that I keep learning from all the information being shared here on TFL.

Baking bread here in Kansas in the summertime has been another learning experience in that even with air conditioning, the room temperature averages around 80F. My sourdough starter doesn't seem to be consistent in its speed this summer, but it still does a good job. Practice, pratice, practice.

It's still good, if slightly messy, fun to bake and enjoy the results. I posted barely coherent babblings on the loaf at my blog.

Comments, editing suggestions, humor, and questions are always welcome.


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Great looking loaf, Postal Grunt!

Looking at the combination of flour in the formula on your blog, I have a feeling it's my kind of loaf, quite similar to our current favourite in my household, though mine uses sourdough fed with 50/50 white flour/WW instead of rye like yours.  I'll try feeding it with all rye like you do next time.  Thank you for the idea.

I know the dilemma of homebakers in hot summer season. One of the reasons why Japanese bloggers tend to be quieter at this time of year, especially almost total disappearance of blogging about croissant making.  ;) .....Glad I've moved to England. :p

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Postal Grunt

Thank you for your compliment. Rye seems to be finding its way into the majority of my breads these days. Rye does mate well with whole wheat regardless of which flour is greater in measurement. Mrs PG and I both enjoy the pleasant tang while eating and the lingering flavor long after the crumbs have been picked up.

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Adding rye always seems to add an interesting and tasty flavor to white or whole wheat breads.  FWIW.  One thing that I've noticed is using pumpernickel flour, as opposed to light rye flour, for the levain build gives the bread a more pronounced sour taste, particularly after overnight retardation in the fridge.