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Nutrients list and amounts in bread

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Nutrients list and amounts in bread

Are there any Nutrients List for the breads that are made in a bread machine?

I would be very interested in such a list. (especially white basic and whole wheat)



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There are several recipe sites(and/or nutrition sites) that let you enter your recipes, and will then give you a pretty extensive nutritional analysis and/or a basic nutrition label.

I use the site, for the nutritional info I need from my saved recipes. An example of a recipe from this site that I saved there(if the link works, as it may be password protected):

Most of the recipes at , including your own saved recipes there, give similar nutritional info. Inputting recipe info here may be a little simpler that the site mentioned above.

And again, King Arthur Flour( is a great place to learn about bread making, and has numerous recipes and other information on bread machines. Many of there recipes already have the nutrition info listed. Most of there recipes are well tested for reproducibility, to boot.

Hope this helps with what you are looking for.

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Very much appreciated - will spend part of weekend plugging in my formulas.  Up until now, I've been taking the nutritional data from the products, and doing spreadsheet algebra to get this done.

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Thanks and I'll be spending some time doing the same.

Appreciate the links.