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Can alcohol be substituted for sugar?

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Can alcohol be substituted for sugar?

We have two elderly sisters that insist on giving us a fifth of our favorite drink for Christmas.  I think they forget we tell them not to and I don't want to badger them about it.  In years past that was not a problem but now my husband and I are both diabetics and it is simply not worth the extra calories to drink anymore so as a consequence we have several bottles of scotch and amaretto in the cabinet taking up space.   I know one solution is to pass them on as gifts and sometime I do but I have been thinking about using them to cook with and I wonder if they could be used in place to feed yeast or if that wouldn't work.

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Hi Nitalynn

Unfortunately  i think scotch will kill yeast rather than feed it especially if it is used in any great quantity as it is a distilled product and quite consentrated , however it is great in fruit cakes and assists in keeping qualities there but if you are having problems with sugars then that will not be much help either.

I am sure that your scotch will have a very high trade value amongst other home bakers for flour or any other ingrediants even finished loaves. just find out if there are any TFL folk nearby and trade away.

regards Yozza