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buying flour by 'subscription'

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buying flour by 'subscription'

I am unable to purchase any bread flour locally except for 'Gold Medal', Pillsbury, and -occasionaly, KA,  -and only wheat flour...

I've noticed that Amazon lists many different brands (and types) of flour that can be purchased through them.  They also have a 'subscription', where they will send you the quantity you want at pre-arranged intervals- without shipping fees.

Has anyone here used this subscription service?

I am considering a subscription so I have a regular source of rye flour.





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I've used Amazon's subscription service for a few thing, mostly non-perishables like sundries.    The service is very flexible and you can change the frequency and quantity easily at any time.  You can even skip a shipment.  I see two potential risks for buying flour.  The first is freshness.  You never know how long something has been in the warehouse.  Of course, if it is drop shipped from the miller, you should be fine.  The second risk is damage in shipping.  A typical paper sack for flour could get punctured during shipment (none of the carriers are known for gentle handling).  If you are thinking of 5 lb. bags, they will probably pack them in a carton which offers more protection, but I'd worry about larger sizes.  You might want to get a sample shipment to see how it works out.


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Jon Morrison

I use it for my rye flour.  What is great is that they will send you a notice before the shipment so you can change the delivery date if needed.



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Free shipping on a 25lb bag of flour!

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Here is a source for rye flour that might work for you.


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If you have a Sam's club in town or close by, they sell 50# bags of AP flour for around $12 and they also sell 25# of bread flour for around $15. I live about 45 minutes away by car from the closest, so I load up whenever I am in town. It's worth the drive for the price!