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1st time Reinhart 100% WW

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1st time Reinhart 100% WW

Thanks to those of you who recommended this recipe.  I used King Arthur's whole wheat flour for the soaker/biga and final dough, buttermilk in the Biga, and it turned out the best tasting 100% ww I've had.  I'd been making the 100% from Hensperger's The Bread Bible, but this is much chewier and more moist.  Take a look at the pics, and let me know where I can improve.  I'm wondering if the loaf should be taller.  Also, has anyone tried this with WW bread flour?

Thanks again,


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nice. my first time, the loaves came out similar to building blocks. Pretty much inedible. I made them into croutons...and they were okay. lol


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I haven't tried many 100% whole wheat breads. Once I'd made Reinhart's, I had little incentive. It's delicious.

Your loaf looks about the same height as mine. If you look at the photo of this bread in the BBA, it's not meant to be a high riser. If I were to wanted a higher loaf, I would increase the recipe and fill the pans more fully.

Happy baking!