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Big - BIG - Hamburger Buns (9 inches across)

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Big - BIG - Hamburger Buns (9 inches across)

We made some really big hamburgers.  To make the buns, I used the Italian Bread recipe from P. Reinhart's  BBA.  I tried several different weights of dough to get the appropriate size/height for the buns.  I applied an egg wash and seaseme seads.  To form the buns, I used 9 inch cake rings.  I baked them on a stone inside the ring.  The cake rings do not have bottoms and are 1-1/2 inches tall.  It seemed to be about the correct proportions.

For each burger I used 1.3 pounds of ground meat.  I was able to grill them and turn them without breaking.  Once loaded, each burger feeds at least 4 people. It was a lot of fun to bring out hamburgers the size of a plate.






Warning:  This food is not recommended for anyone not wishing to gain weight.


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What a great novelty idea!  I can see from the pics it was a lot of fun for everyone.  Nice baking! :)



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I love fun food! And the burgers do look delicious.

I sometimes tell my wife I've made a hamburger bun when I pull a 2 kg miche out of the oven. But you've really done it!

Thanks for sharing.