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Taste of pears

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Taste of pears

I've managed to fit in a mid-week bake, its actually much easier than you might think.

Decided make up a Pear Cider Bread, figuring that the extra sugars make the fermentation a bit easier. Mixed everything up as soon as I got home from work, stetch and fold a few times and leave to bulk ferment for a few hours. Shape before going to bed and bake first thing in the morning. It takes me an hour to get ready for work, and only 40 minutes to bake a loaf of bread - perfect!!

The photo below is a bit rubbish and my shaping and slashing is quite bad, but the taste of the end product is very good, nice and chewy, and I think it will develop really well over the next couple of days

Full recipe and more picture on my blog here


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You got a nice volume on that loaf.  Pity about the photo being overexposed because from what I can see, it looks like a lovely open crumb.