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Challah with golden raisins

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Challah with golden raisins

My daughter requested challah with raisins, so I decided to make a 2+ kg batch to have enough for us, her and to give away. Using the formula in Advanced Bread and Pastry, I made a 12-hour preferment, which I unfortunately left out at room temperature, instead of refrigerating as the instructions called for.  In the evening, I mixed up the dough, which I had to do by hand because it would have overwhelmed my Kitchen Aid mixer.   Because I wanted a dairy-free loaf, I substituted oil for the butter and left out the milk powder.  Because I was mixing by hand, I got tired and didn't mix the dough as strong as I might have otherwise.  Also, the gram-for-gram substitution of oil for butter may have also contributed to the soft dough.  Also, because I didn't have osmotol. yeast on hand, I reduced the amount of sugar to 11% in the final dough and used instant.  I tried to put strength in the dough by folding several times during the BF, and also put more tension in the individual strands during shaping.

I was done about 12:30 AM and left the shaped loaves in the fridge to retard.  I am now baking the loaves off one by one, and am eagerly waiting for them to be cool enough to slice and see what the crumb looks like.