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Fruitty goodness

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Fruitty goodness

This has been a very baking intensive weekend and I love it!!

Looks like summer has decided to pay London a visit, we had a nice and sunny day yesterday, a perfect day to make a fruit sourdough. If I start early enough, it will give me a whole day to proof the dough, warm room temperatures to speed up the fermentation, some sugar and fruit in the dough to get things going and to be ready to bake at the end of the night.
And it worked really well – mix everything up at 9 in the morning, stretch and fold until 11, first proof until 3 pm, shape and cold fermentation in the fridge until 9 pm, out of the fridge and warm up for an hour and a half, in the oven just before 11 pm.

Full recipe and more photos on my blog here.