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My biscotti is eating my icing

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My biscotti is eating my icing

The recipe provides an icing on the biscotti.   Wonderful.   Sounds good.    But in my application the cold biscotti absorbs the icing.   The icing is not cold but it is warm.   Is there something I should add to it??    I want the frosting to cake and be visible on the outside of the biscotti.

1 cup confectionary sugar
3 1/2 tablespoons milk
2 drops of lemon juice
2 drops of extract (of your choice)
1 tablespoon orange juice
Zest of the orange


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Stephanie Brim

So I may not quite get it, but...

Why are you frosting biscotti?

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If you are icing the top of the biscotti, there should be no problem with your icing recipe. The sides of the biscotti with absorb the icing. At least, that is my experience when dipping the biscotti in chocolate glaze. We prefer "naked" biscotti.

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Hi, Enrico.

I have no great experience with frostings, but, looking at your recipe, I'm struck by the large amount of liquid for the amount of sugar. I'd guess the frosting was pretty thin. I wonder if cutting back on the milk and making a thicker frosting would solve your problem.


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I agree with both David and carefreebaker. The icing is thin and will get absorbed more easily if it's applied to a cut surface. Either apply a thicker confectioners icing to the "top" of  the biscotti, or use a melted chocolate for dipping.

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Thanks All    !!   I suspected as much but I am not a cake person and icing is a new thing to play with. 

The reason, Stephanie, is that I modify the icing recipe to impart a very strong orange flavor.   My friends from Italy seem to like the taste.   But, I wanted to add the visual affect of seeing the icing in addition to tasting it.  


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Stephanie Brim

In my world, biscotti are hard, crunchy cookies to be dipped in good coffee. I'd dip them in chocolate, but putting icing on them doesn't really compute. Instead of putting the orange flavor in the icing, I'd just put it in the biscotti. But that's just me.

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There is a lot to learn.